Clash of the Titans - Film (2010)

Taking up the “fantastic peplum” of the same name produced in 1981 by Desmond Davis, “ Clash of the Titans »Immerses the spectator in 2 hours of great Hollywood spectacle in 3D! But behind this big-budget production and this recovery of the hero Perseus, don't we see a need in our society, like the ancients, to use the myth to exteriorize its deepest questions?

A scenario at the antipodes of the traditional vision of Perseus

"Le Cloc des Titans", a sensational title chosen to give an impression of intense action, sensational stakes ... It is above all a tempting and commercial title given that never in the scenario (if not is a furtive allusion in the introduction) there is no mention of the mythological "Titans".

The film actually follows the hero Perseus in his misadventures, but here again fans of classical letters may be disappointed. Indeed, if the film takes up certain key passages in the history of Perseus (the chest thrown into the sea, the fight against Medusa, the arrogance of Cassiopeia, the rescue of Andromeda with Pegasus or even the passage in front of the Grées ... ), it amends them extensively and integrates them into a new problematic with new creatures.

Men have decided to do without the gods (for vague reasons, little rewards for prayers) and begin to destroy the temples, the statues ... To punish them, the gods allow Hades to ravage Argos with the kraken if the Princess Andromeda is not sacrificed.

Eager to take the place of his brother Zeus, Hades thus hopes to weaken the Olympians by weakening the men to be able to carry out his coup.

A small group of men, including Perseus of course, are assigned to kill the kraken with the more or less passive support of Zeus.

Clash of the titans: a visual success

Visually, the film is worth the trip. The amenities are not historic, but the myths are timeless. It is mainly the 3D (added after the phenomenal success of Avatar) that makes this film visually interesting, the Greek landscapes make it better than the landscape of Pandora from Avatar (there, it's a matter of taste) . So yes, if you want to distract yourself with some unique 3D combat scenes don't hesitate to check out this film.

As for the representation of mythological creatures, the sparkling armor of the gods gives them more an allure of "Knights of the Zodiac" than anything else, when in the black pegasus it is not without reminding us of the advertisements for "Winged Bull ".

Conversely, Medusa is particularly successful with a face that is both sweet and terrifying.

In conclusion, Clash of the Titans is a visually appealing movie, at least as long as we're not too used to 3D yet. Some will go into ecstasies at the epic duels, others will keep the freedom taken with the traditional epic of Perseus through their throats.

The myth, the universal support for our questions

Now is there a traditional epic? The myth of Perseus, like all myths, has never ceased to be rewritten, supplemented, modified ... A myth does not live by one version but by all these facets which reflect the values, fears or expectations of the society which written. So perhaps it is interesting to watch this film while reflecting on what it reflects of our society (yes normally a Hollywood action film is not made to reflect but one can nevertheless) beyond even the mixing of cultures, materialized here by the mixing of mythologies (Scandinavian, Greek ...)

So, through this Perseus and these men who defy the gods, through this hero who never ceases to refuse the divine weapons to fight as a man, we perhaps see a reflection of a society fiercely rejecting all that is spiritual in favor of materialistic rationalism.

Likewise, throughout the film, the relationship with the father (Zeus the father, but also the resurrected stepfather) is very ambiguous, as a symbol of an individual's distancing from the family.

Through this new myth of Perseus, at the cutting edge of technology, do we not have the reflection of an individualistic and materialistic society? This is food for thought. Like what, even in the 21st century, myths remain perfectly exploitable canvas for our contemporary arts.

Clash of the Titans, by Louis Leterrier, DVD Warner Bros, 08-2010.

Video: Clash of the Titans 2010 - Medusas Lair Scene 610. Movieclips (December 2021).